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Elementary Students in Colombia and US Share Cultural Information

Through virtual exchange programs, elementary children are learning about other countries and their traditions while building connections regardless of their backgrounds. They are not only getting to know diverse people but developing a deep understanding of their peers and important information, such as the landmine issue.

Children Against Landmine Program (CHAMPS) is connecting children in the United States and mine-impacted countries, such as Colombia, to understand their cultures and to meet a common goal of learning about landmines, the humanitarian consequences landmines have on communities, and how they can become part of the landmine solution.

April 7 was the second time that elementary-school students from Ellicot City, MD in the United States and Urrao, Antioquia in Colombia met virtually. The students shared presentations including pictures and videos in Spanish to learn about their local food, typical houses, schools, landmarks and natural surroundings in their communities. Colombian students shared some basic information about the landmine issue and had so much fun practicing words in Spanish and English about fruits and vegetables. American students learned that the students from Urrao love pizza and hamburgers.

It is exciting to watch the children interact and begin to form friendships. We are all looking forward to the next call in May and to see what the kids share during the

next Colombia-U.S. CHAMPS monthly call in May!

Enjoy some videos from the virtual exchange call.


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