Our Partners

MLI couldn't be more grateful to our partners we have worked with, past and present. MLI works through indigenous organizations within our partner countries to remove landmines and promote stability.  To view all dog sponsors and donors, visit the Meet our Dogs page

U.S. Partners

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The United States Department of State and the Department of Defense have provided crucial funding for MLI's programs since 1999. 

International Partners


Afghan Technical Consultants (ATC) 

French Archaeological Delegation in Afghanistan (DAFA) 

Mine Clearing Planning Agency (MCPA) 

Organization for Mine Clearance and Afghan Rehabilitation (OMAR)



National Demining Institute (INAD)



Armenian Center for Humanitarian Demining & Expertise (ACHDE)



Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA)


Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Mine Detection Dog Center (MDDC)

Mines Advisory Group (MAG) 

Republika Srpska Office of Civil Protection (OCP RS)

Bosnia-Herzegovina Demining

Eko Demining

OCP Federation – Office of Civil Protection


STOP Mines

Pazi Mines

Mine Clearance Association (UEM)


Iraq Mine and UXO Clearance Organization (IMCO) 

Ministry of Peshmerga 

Mines Advisory Group (MAG)


Lebanon Mine Action Center (LMAC)

Sri Lanka:

Sri Lankan Army's Humanitarian Demining Unit (HDU)


Yemeni Association for Landmine Survivors (YALS)