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Paw-er Walk for Peace 5k

Thank you to everyone who joined us for MLI's inaugural

 Paw-er Walk for Peace 5k!


We run so that others can walk in safety.



Email your Photos in Paw-er Walk for Peace Race Swag to to be featured in the photo album below,

and on MLI social media!

WHAT: It's MLI's first annual Paw-er Walk for Peace 5k! We hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy some outdoor fun while supporting a lifesaving cause!

WHERE: Anywhere in the world. 

WHY: To support humanitarian mine clearance efforts. As our mine detection dogs' paws tread expertly through contaminated land searching and sniffing out landmines and other dangerous explosives, we will walk and run 5k to provide more of these hero canines and save more lives and livelihoods. Mine-free land means more playgrounds, more farms, and more opportunities for thousands.

HOW: Registration is closed for this Summer's race. Subscribe to our email list to stay tuned for the next Paw-er Walk for Peace!

Didn't have a chance to participate or would like to make an additional donation? Use the Donate button below!




  • Registration is now CLOSED.

  • The registration fee of $25 covers a participant's Race Swag (including a “Paw-er Walk for Peace” Race Medal and “Paw-er Walk for Peace” Bandana), which will be mailed, and a donation to your campaign of choice.  If you have not received your "Paw-er Walk for Peace" Race Swag, please email

  • The CHAMPS school that raises the most money towards their Mine Detection Dog-Sponsorship Campaign will receive a special visit from our Canine Ambassador Sammy next school year!

  • Sign up at the link below to receive regular email updates on all things MLI!

  • Share this Race with your friends and family! Post about this race on Social Media using the hashtags #PawerWalkforPeace and #MineActionHero & tag MLI on Instagram at @marshalllegacyinstitute and Twitter at @MarshallLegacy!

  • If you have any more questions, please see the FAQ section below, submit your question in our contact form, or email us at​​


MDD Alana training in Lebanon


Every hour, someone is severely injured or killed by a landmine.

MLI's Mine-Action Programs build the capacity of demining organizations in war-torn countries so families can return home, children can play and attend school safely, and communities can live free without the fear of landmines.


One of MLI's Mine Action programs is our Mine Detection Dog Partnership Program which has donated over 250 Mine Detection Dogs (MDDs) and Explosive Detection Dogs (EDDs) to 13 countries around the globe. Our highly-trained MDDs help "sniff out" landmines and other explosives in war-torn countries. MLI's dogs have helped search about 50 million square meters of mine contaminated land since the program's inception in 1999. These highly-trained MDDs and EDDs use their “paw”erful sense of smell to search land up to 30x faster than a manual deminer, enabling demining organizations to accelerate the pace of clearance operations without sacrificing safety or accuracy. 

MLI's Children Against Mines Program (CHAMPS) began in 2007 with the purpose of connecting American youth with peers in mine-affected countries to promote global citizenship and cultural exchange. Through CHAMPS, MLI has facilitated hundreds of video calls and in-person presentations, reaching over 20 thousand students in the US and abroad. Hardworking CHAMPS students have also raised money to assist over 800 landmine survivors and sponsor 44 Mine Detection Dogs (MDDs)!


MLI's life-saving Mine Action programs are made possible through the generous donations of our sponsors. These sponsors are our Mine Action Heroes! We'd like to celebrate our supporters by highlighting some of our paw-some race participants on MLI's social media platforms and website!


All participants will receive a Race Swag bundle including a custom "Paw-er Walk for Peace" Race Medal and "Paw-er Walk for Peace" Bandana! Snap a picture of yourself, or your pets, wearing Race Swag and share it to social media using the hashtags #MineActionHero and #PawerWalkforPeace to  spread awareness about mine action!

Email photos of yourself, or your pets, completing the race and wearing your Race Swag to to be featured as a #MineActionHero on MLI's Social Media and Newsletter!

Sammy 1 after Paw-er Walk for Peace 0518

Canine Ambassador MDD Sammy wearing her Paw-erWalk for Peace medal and bandana after completing her 5k!


  • Question: How do I ensure my donation goes to my campaign-of-choice?

    • Answer: Designate which campaign you would like your donation to support by choosing the Ticket title with your chosen campaign in parentheses on the Registration page linked above. Ex: A registrant who purchases a ticket entitled "Race Registration Fee ("Dayton Dog" MDD Campaign)​" would have their registration fee donated to the "Dayton Dog" MDD Sponsorship Campaign.

  • Question: How much is the registration fee?

    • Answer: In order to receive the Race Swag bundle with a "Paw-er Walk for Peace" Race Medal and "Paw-er Walk for Peace" Bandana, please donate $25 per participant. 

  • Question: Can I register multiple people at one time?

    • Answer: Yes, you can register up to 50 participants at one time. Please note that a donation of $25 per participant qualifies each participant for a Race Swag bundle.

  • Question: Can I make additional donations to support MLI, beyond the $25 Race Registration Fee?

    • Answer: Yes, you can donate to any MLI campaign at the blue "Donate" button in the top right corner of the MLI website.

  • Question: Can I register once the race has started on May, 17th?

    • Answer: Yes, you can register anytime between 12am April 22nd - 11:59pm June 7th!

Have more questions? Share them below!

Thank you for your question. MLI Staff will be in touch shortly!

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