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MLI Fundraising Campaigns

The Marshall Legacy Institute is only able to carry out our lifesaving work thanks to caring individuals who give their time and energy to making the world a better place. We are honored to have students, organizations, schools, companies, and individuals devote their giving campaigns to sponsor a mine detection dog, support a survivor, finance student-led projects, and more. 

Help these generous individuals fulfill their mission by supporting

an MLI Fundraising Campaign!

Highlighted Campaigns:

Rico's Reach: 

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Urgent MLI needs
Ongoing campaigns
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Rico's Reach

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Marshall Legacy Institute, Rico’s Reach is a special campaign led by MLI's K9 Ambassador MDD Rico to raise awareness about the landmine issue and sponsor a mine detection dog named CHAMP. As part of Rico's Reach, MDD Rico strives to give presentations to students in as many states as possible. Help Rico spread the word about the important work of mine detection dogs and sponsor MDD CHAMP!

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a movement to unleash "radical generosity" around the world! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday gives people the chance to give back - donating their time, money, & awareness

to those in need. 

Donate to Rico's Reach

for Giving Tuesday!

For this year’s giving drive, MLI kicked off Rico's Reach, a year-long campaign led by K9 Ambassador MDD Rico to sponsor a new mine detection dog – MDD CHAMP.  Starting on Giving Tuesday, November 29th, all donations made to MLI & Rico’s Campaign will go toward the $25,000 needed to train, transport, & employ a mine detection dog!


Over 40 of the 270 MLI sponsored MDDs were donated by students in the U.S. through MLI’s Children Against Mines Program (CHAMPS). As our K9 Ambassador, MDD Rico’s job is to demonstrate the work of mine detection dogs and share the impact landmines have on the youth in mine affected countries. A mine detection dog named “CHAMP” will honor the CHAMPS program, & the impact youth can have on their global peers.

Aiden Ragimov's Campaign

Aiden Ragimov's Fundraising Campaign


Aiden's MDD Campaign

Aiden Ragimov, an Azerbaijani American student, has launched a campaign to sponsor a Mine Detection Dog for Azerbaijan. MDDs play a critical role in helping to identify dangerous landmines still hidden in the ground in Azerbaijan. MDDs are aiding in the effort to help “sniff out” mines and save lives, allowing people and animals to live, work, and play in safety. Please help Aiden reach his goal to sponsor a Mine Detection Dog for Azerbaijan!

The Impact of Mine Detection Dogs in Azerbaijan

MLI has worked with Azerbaijan since 2005, assisting the Mine Action Agency for the Republic of Azerbaijan (ANAMA) in their mine clearance operations through the donation of 65 mine detection dogs. These lifesaving canines have aided in the search and clearance of 36,135,799 square meters of mine impacted land, returning it to safe use for people to work, live, and play. Aiden's campaign will help raise the funds for a lifesaving MDD that will help to strengthen ANAMA’s MDD capacity and assist in the critical demining efforts that remain in Azerbaijan!

Intern with us

If you are interested in interning or volunteering at MLI, please send your resume and cover letter to

Make a Donation

Help us help the men, women, and children living in war-torn countries to live free from the fear of landmines and other explosives. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation and dedicate it to someone you love! This is a wonderful way to tell your loved ones how your donation will support our work in countries like Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Colombia, Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, and Yemen.

Urgent MLI Needs



MLI's Peace Makers and Problem Solvers teaches leadership skills and foster relationships between high school students in Colombia and the United States. Help us continue to support this new program and expand its reach!

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is the most mine contaminated country in Europe. MLI is committed to helping rid this beautiful country of landmines, and we need your help! Help us get more MDDs on the ground in Bosnia to sniff out mines and help landmine survivors with medical assistance and vocational training.


Renad, age 4, before she receives her pr

Through MLI's CHAMPS program, more than 250 landmine survivors in Yemen have received the medical attention they desperately need, such as prosthetics and rehabilitative care. There are many more survivors still in need of medical assistance, and we can provide help with your support!

Ongoing CHAMPS Campaigns

Want to start your own campaign?

Sponsor a Dog

It costs $25,000 to purchase, train, and send a mine detection dog to a mine affected country.  Fully sponsoring a mine detection dog allows you to make an invaluable contribution towards removing landmines that threaten the lives, health, and peace of many communities around the world. You will receive regular updates and photos about your dog and you get to name him/her!  MLI also invites MDD sponsors to join us in visiting mine-affected countries each year so you can see your dog at work. Please contact us for more information or Learn More here.

Sponsor a Survivor

Children injured by landmines face a life-time of struggles.  In many countries, the children who have lost limbs do not have access to the medical care, counseling, or prosthetic limbs they need to help them recover from this devastating tragedy.  Many are unable to continue attending school and face seemingly insurmountable challenges in a life that would have been difficult under the best of circumstances.  You can help a child receive the physical and psychological treatment needed to move forward by supporting our Survivors’ Assistance program. Learn more here.

 Learn more about CHAMPS and how to start a program at your school. Visit our CHAMPS page or contact CHAMPS directly.

Start CHAMPS at your school

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