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CHAMPS Students in Colombia Meet Rico!

CHAMPS (Children Against Mines Program) Colombia students had the opportunity to watch MDD Rico (@mddrico), MLI’s K-9 Ambassador, on his first virtual appearance. Rico used his powerful nose to show a demonstration on how he used to work to "sniff" out landmines.

Rico started his career in Armenia before being transferred to Bosnia & Herzegovina where he worked for six years. He and his handler saved countless lives and contributed to the clearance of more than 500,000 square meters of land.

Rico is now officially retired and living in a new home in the United States. He will spend his golden years as the K-9 Ambassador for The Marshall Legacy Institute, teaching youth about the important work mine detection dogs do to help in the effort to create a safer world for all.

To learn more about Rico and his work as the K-9 Ambassador, please follow his Instagram and Facebook accounts. @MDDRico

Photo by Bill Fitz-Patrick (Staff photographer USIP)


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