CHAMPS-Yemen began in 2011 after the initiation of a successful Survivors’ Assistance program and has continued over the past eight years, despite increasing violence. In partnership with the Yemen Mine Action Center (YEMAC) and the Yemen Association for Landmine Survivors (YALS), MLI facilitates regular Skype calls between three schools in Sana’a and five U.S. schools: Glenelg Country School in Maryland,  New Lebanon School in Connecticut, North Mianus School in Connecticut, Moffet School in Pennsylvania, and the Anna Linglebach School in Pennsylvania.

Through the CHAMPS Yemen program, 219 landmine survivors received prostheses and medical assistance between 2014 and 2019. Over 300 survivors have completed vocational training courses in computer science, carpentry, and sewing since the start of the program. Through the YALS center, 10 graduates of the program in 2019 have received micro-grants that enabled them to apply their skills and open their own businesses, such as mini-markets and seamstress shops, and provide financially for themselves and their families.

Survivor's Assistance

Here are stories of some of the survivors MLI has reached through CHAMPS and our Survivors’ Assistance programs.

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