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U.S. CHAMPS Students Virtually Tour Bosnian Prosthetic Center

Students from the 5th grade at North Mianus School in Connecticut virtually connected with the Bauerfeind Prosthetic Center in Bosnia for a tour of the facility and to meet with a survivor named Mirsad. Mirsad shared his story as well as how grateful he is for the funding received from the United States to help in funding his prosthetic leg. Mirsad oversees the Fantomi Sitting Volleyball Team, is an active skier, and loves being active with his grandchildren. Following a few questions from students, Marija Trlin (MDDC) took the students on a virtual tour of the facility. Students were able to see technicians making prosthetics as well as the machinery used.

"Really enjoyed the call this morning. All through the day I overheard students commenting on how much they enjoyed the call and were amazed with how much goes into making a prosthetic leg. Thank you!" - Andrea (5th grade teacher)

"I liked how we got to see a survivor and we got to ask questions like how long it took him to get used to it and how it connects. It was a fun experience because we also got to see the workshop and how the prosthetic legs worked and how you can put designs on it. This was fun because we also learned how the prosthetic legs worked. Thank you for showing us the factory and teaching us about prosthetic legs." - Nick (5th grader)

"While we were introduced to the process of creating the prosthetic limbs, I couldn’t imagine how it must be for a survivor without his/her limb. In that factory, the people working there are really making a difference in the world, and a good one. I learned that there are many types of prosthetics, like running, hiking and even swimming. It was great to meet Marya and to see the survivor’s leg and how alike the legs look. I thought the call was very interesting and fun." - Sophia (5th grader)

"Ryder I really liked the table of all of the samples on the prosthetic leg. It really showed how different they can be for each person. Is was amazing how Realistic the leg was. You could not even tell which leg was fake. I was surprised when there was a pump in the leg, so it pushed out all the air to fit perfectly." - Ryder (5th grader)


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