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Peace Through Sport Participants Make a Huge Impact

The third session of the Marshall Legacy Institute's Peace Through Sport program concluded with a virtual sharing of student led service projects. During the eight-week session, 75 students from Lebanon and the United States participated in sport related activities to further develop communication, problem-solving and leadership skills, heard from impactful speakers, and worked together to learn and improve their community by creating and implementing a meaningful project.

PTS participants from Lebanon researched and implemented aproject to benefit a local orphanage. They visited the center prior to selecting the cause. During their initial visit, the PTS students played and interacted with the children in the orphanage. From this interaction, they determined this was an area where they could make a significant impact. They developed a project that would provide psychological, social, and health support to the children and the facility. The students recruited their peers and families from their school to bring in donations of clothing and toys. 34 families at the school came together to support the PTS students in making this a successful project. The project was named “A Bunch of Love”, as everyone deserves love.

Through the project:

  • The roof was fixed along with walls that were damaged by water.

  • The walls on one of the two floors were painted

  • The staff of the orphanage will paint the 2nd floor now that the roof is fixed

  • An event was held at the orphanage for the children. PTS students dressed up as clowns, sang songs, and played together.

  • The PTS students hope to continue their support of the orphanage


  • 50 PTS students

  • 34 students and families from school supported the PTS students

  • 66 orphans received an improved facility, clothes, toys, supplies and fun through project

PTS participants from the United States researched and learned about homeless veterans. In Baltimore, there is a large population of homeless people near the Inner Harbor. The students decided that the homeless people would benefit from baskets of supplies and that they should be honored for their service to the country. They purchased items and created care packages. In addition they recruited their peers to write letters of appreciation to the veterans. More than 100 students participated in the preparation of the care packages and letter writing.

Through the project:

  • PTS participants presented information about the PTS program and its purpose to their peers.

  • PTS participants also shared information about Memorial Day and how it is a time to honor those who have served in the military in support of the U.S. Memorial Day is a day to remember the people who gave their lives for the country. They also shared information about the homeless problem in Baltimore.

  • Gift baskets including snacks and personal items were created and delivered to an area with a very large homeless population.

  • Students from Sheppard Pratt would like to continue their support of homeless people.


  • 30 PTS students

  • 100 students from school learned about PTS, the homeless project, and wrote letters to the homeless people

  • 101 gift baskets were delivered to homeless people

The 75 PTS participants recruited community support and impacted more than 300 people with their projects during the third session of PTS. The next session of Peace Through Sport will run from July - August. To apply, please visit the MLI website or click the following link


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