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Peace Through Sport - Impressive Youth at Work!

The fourth session of MLI's Peace Through Sport program came to an end on August 27 with the presentation of student projects. The 100+ participants from Lebanon and the United States worked for eight weeks to learn important values such as teamwork, respect for diversity, and problem solving through sport-related activities. They heard from three amazing guest speakers including Kelly Magelky (Professional mountain biker), Stepan Timofeyev (Professional hockey player), and Dr, Sarah Hillyer (Founder and Director of The Center for Peace, Sport, and Society at University of Tennessee).

The most important part of the program is empowering the young participants to learn about their community and then create and implement a project that will have a positive impact in their local community. Participants conducted a deep dive of their community and identified the strengths, weaknesses, and resources within their local areas. Each group chose an idea and worked cooperatively to develop and implement a project that would benefit many people.

PTS Lebanon Groups

In Lebanon, PTS students determined that the fire stations and burn centers in Saida and Tripoli needed support for the firefighters. The students visited the facilities, donated much needed materials, and participated in some training activities. The direct beneficiaries of their project were the firefighters and the burn center staff, and the indirect beneficiaries are the people in the community, as the firefighters will have the resources to assist people. Countless lives will be impacted by the work of these awesome young leaders.

PTS United States Group

In the United States, PTS students determined that books should be available for all in the Baltimore area. Students constructed book houses called Free Libraries and installed them around their campus allowing all staff and students to have access to a wide variety of books. Books for the free libraries were donated, and there has already been a great exchange of books. The students hope to expand the free libraries to areas of Baltimore dealing with significant poverty, so children in those areas have access to books.

The next session of Peace Through Sport will be October/November 2022. Please visit the MLI website at to learn more about this free and impactful program. It is a great way to learn about young people from the United States and Lebanon as well as make a significant impact within your local community. Peace Through Sport is generously funded by The US Embassy in Beirut.


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