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Peace Makers & Problem Solvers

Peace Makers and Problem Solvers (PMPS) is a program that was established in 2018 to virtually connect young people in the United States and Colombia. This eleven-month program welcomes a new cohort of students in January and concludes in November.

The Marshall Legacy Institute firmly believes that young people have the potential to effect positive and meaningful change in their communities. Provided with encouragement, skills and practical hands-on experiences, we have witnessed firsthand the ability of young people to play a role in the betterment of their communities. To date, almost 200 students and teachers from Colombia, Yemen, and the United States have learned the PMPS experiential learning model, implemented projects to address social issues and impacted their communities in a positive way. Such projects have addressed bullying and mental health issues, taught socio-emotional skills to elementary school aged students, highlighted food insecurity, promoted healthy habits amongst community members, spearheaded recycling campaigns, and more. These youth-led projects have impacted almost 900 community members, promoting continued positive growth for many. The 2022 cohort has been working hard to prepare for their social impact projects. We are excited to support them and see how they will positively impact their local communities.


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