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New Session of Peace Makers & Problem Solvers (PMPS) Beginning in March

Peace Makers & Problem Solvers (PMPS) is a virtual exchange and youth development program designed by the Marshall Legacy Institute to engage young people in the U.S. and conflict-affected countries so they can jointly learn and enhance leadership, peace building, communication, problem-solving, and other critical life skills through a variety of activities in order to take positive and peaceful action for the betterment of their local communities. Meaningful cross-cultural interactions and collaboration create conditions that restore hope while nurturing peace and stability in countries affected by conflict.

Check out a short video about Peace Makers and Problem Solvers.

PMPS programs have had a significant impact on students in Colombia, Yemen, and the United States since its inception in 2018.

Introducing the 2022 Peace Makers and Problem Solvers (PMPS) Cohort

PMPS is an interactive and experiential curriculum through which teachers and students serve as mentors to train other students for their youth development as PMPS leaders. Six teachers and five students recently completed a 4-week virtual training program to strengthen their youth mentorship skills, so they can effectively facilitate the PMPS curriculum and lead their student groups over the calendar year.

These eleven mentors will lead the PMPS students in weekly workshops, leadership development, team building exercises, and community service activities to better understand the role that they, as young people, can play to become agents of change, resolve conflict and find solutions to their community’s most significant needs.

A new session of PMPS began this week allowing the 11 mentors and 60 youth from three public schools in the Uraba region of northern Colombia and a school the Baltimore, Maryland area of the United States to connect virtually in order to build relationships, learn about peace building, and create impactful service projects to benefit their local communities. The 2022 cohort group will meet with their local peers on a weekly basis to participate in activities designed to develop leadership, communication, peace building, and project management skills. The participants will also connect virtually through Zoom and WhatsApp as a multi-cultural group to discuss information learned and to participate in a variety of presentations.


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