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Karmo Bolay Inspires Peace Through Sport Students

The participants of Peace Through Sport Round 6 enjoyed a presentation from Karmo Bolay during the first virtual exchange call of the session. Karmo Bolay is a former competitive soccer player who grew up in Liberia. He currently coaches young soccer players.

As a child, Karmo grew up during the civil war in Liberia. At the age of fourteen, Karmo and his brother moved to the United States through the protection of the US Embassy. In high school, he played soccer which opened doors and paved the way for him to go to college.

During his presentation, Karmo discussed how sports brings people together and the importance of showing respect, sharing, and staying honest. As a young competitive player, her realized that he wanted to help young people in his community. He enjoys coaching and working with youth to help them develop their skills. He established a company to train young people to play at the college level and even in the professional levels of soccer.

The call was very inspiring, and the students asked many questions. Karmo encouraged the students to believe that they have a chance for a bright future and for greatness even though they may be experiencing challenges. His words encouraged youth to focus on the positive around them, and to keep moving forward. Karmo asked the students to identify their "why". Why are each of us doing the things we are doing?

"What's your why?" - Coach Karmo Bolay

Through Sport (PTS) is a virtual exchange program offered by The Marshall Legacy Institute (MLI). This program offers young people in the United States and Lebanon to connect virtually while learning about values and life skills through the lens of sport and then applying those skills towards positive changes in their communities. Peace Through Sport is generously funded by The US Embassy in Beirut.


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