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Detection Dogs are Sniffing out Mines and Saving Lives in Iraqi Kurdistan

November 2018

In 2016, MLI partnered with the Ministry of Peshmerga in Iraqi Kurdistan to establish a sustainable Mine Detection Dog Partnership Program to address the regional landmine and explosive threat. To date, MLI has provided 18 highly trained explosive-sniffing dogs to the Peshmerga’s K9 Unit, and with support from the U.S. Department of Defense, MLI has trained Kurdish handlers to employ the dogs safely and effectively in the field. The dogs will facilitate the safe return of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) to areas formerly controlled by terrorist group ISIS, which left thousands of landmines, IEDs, and booby traps in its wake. All of the dogs that have been provided to the Peshmerga have been sponsored by American people and companies, to include General Dynamics and Hillwood, a Perot Company, and MLI is currently seeking donors to sponsor the remaining two dogs.

Please read the full article, by Bill Outlaw, here. We thank you for your consideration to support our work to free the people of Kurdistan from the fear of mines and other deadly explosives.


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