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MLI in Colombia

MLI is registered as a Colombian non-profit organization. The MLI Colombia mission is to extend our vision to implement humanitarian and sustainable programs in Colombia, to help eradicate the scourge of landmines, and to promote the construction of peace and resolution of conflict.

Current Need: MLI will continue to support the launch of the Peacemakers and Problem Solvers (PMPS) program in Colombia this year in order to foster strong relationships between students in Colombia and the United States. MLI is also currently looking into establishing a mine detection dog partnership in Colombia. Landmines can cause injuries and death to ordinary people trying to rebuild their lives in post-conflict zones. Donate today to help us assist the people of Colombia and to keep them safe from mines and explosives!

Peacemakers and Problem Solvers

MLI is currently implementing Peacemakers and Problem Solvers (PMPS) in Colombia. Through this program, MLI has connected a school in Chigorodo, Colombia with a school in Poolesville, Maryland. The PMPS students in Chigorodo and Poolesville communicate via Skype on a bi-weekly basis to learn about each other, their respective communities, and to learn the PMPS leadership and peacebuilding-focused curriculum. Participating PMPS teachers are learning the PMPS curriculum that they are teaching in their own schools, to include defining conflict, teamwork, perceptions, and communication, among other topics. The students will identify a service-learning project that they wish to implement in their own communities, to address an existing need. 


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