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Sri Lanka

Mine Detection Dog Partnership Program

MLI has donated 32 lifesaving dogs to Sri Lanka since 2004. The first thirteen MDDs were donated in 2004 and 2005 to the Humanitarian Demining Unit in the Sri Lankan Army.  In 2011, Sri Lanka reached out to MLI once again and asked that we provide replacement dogs for the thirteen MDDs that had done such great work and were now retired. Therefore, in 2011 and 2012, MLI provided an additional thirteen MDDs to Sri Lanka. These dogs have been doing wonderful work in Sri Lanka, searching more than 1.4 million square meters of mine affected land.


Five of the mine detection dogs donated to Sri Lanka were sponsored through CHAMPS campaigns. MLI is actively pursuing opportunities to extend the CHAMPS program in Sri Lanka and connect Sri Lankan youth with U.S. children to work together towards interethnic reconciliation and awareness of the landmine issue.

Landmines and explosives do not discriminate between men, women, children, or even animals. Below is a photo of elephant Sama, who stepped on a landmine when she was just two years old and lost part of her front leg. While prosthetic limbs for animals are not uncommon, Sama refused to adjust to her prosthetic leg. She was rescued after her accident and now lives in a sanctuary in Sri Lanka for injured and orphaned elephants, but unfortunately, her injury will likely shorten her life considerably as she has distended her spinal cord from attempting to walk on her shortened stump.

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