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Youth Unite for International Mine Awareness Day

April 4 is International Mine Awareness Day, and young people are taking action by creating posters to raise awareness about land mines. Thank you to all students who have already posted pictures and submitted posters.

Create and share a poster bringing awareness to the landmine issue.

CHildren Against Mines Program (CHAMPS) Children Against Mines Program is a program designed for schoolchildren to learn about the human consequences of landmines and how people and dogs are working together to make a better and safer world. Students in the United States participate in meaningful activities that nurture leadership and peace building skills. CHAMPS participants connect virtually with children living in mine-threatened communities around the world and are empowered to become part of the solution for a mine-free world by restoring hope through their interactions. Since the inception of the program, children from around the United States have sponsored forty-six mine detection dogs working in seven different countries through student-led fundraisers and activities. In addition to sponsoring life-saving dogs, these children have also assisted more than eight hundred landmine survivors to receive prosthetic limbs, mobility aids and other medical assistance.


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