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MLI CHAMPS Students Celebrate International Mine Awareness Day

On Thursday, March 28, students, teachers, and staff from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, and The United States connected via Zoom for the first global CHAMPS call in honor of International Mine Awareness Day. Prior to the call, students created posters to raise awareness about the impact of landmines and to support survivors impacted by landmines.

The call began with introductions to staff members from the Marshall Legacy Institute and the Mine Detection Dog Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Staff from the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo were also present on the call.

Seventy-three students and four teachers from North Mianus School in Connecticut, ten students and one teacher from Mak Dizdar School in Sarajevo, and five students and one teacher from Aleksa Santic School in East Sarajevo near Ilidza participated in the call, while fifteen students and two teachers from Glenelg Country School in Maryland and 32 students and two teachers from two schools in Urrao, Antioquia municipality of Colombia created posters and recording to be shared during the call.

What is International Mine Awareness Day? December 8th, 2005, marked the United Nations General Assembly's declaration of April 4th as the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action. The focus of this special day is all about raising awareness and seeking assistance for global mine action. It is about making sure that states continue their efforts to develop national mine-action capacities in countries where landmines and explosive remnants of war pose a serious threat to people's safety, health, and livelihoods, or hinder social and economic development.

Young people and teachers participating in MLI's signature educational program, CHAMPS (Children Against Mines Program), are taking action and doing their part by raising awareness in their schools and communities through posters and presentations.

Please join us on April 4th to raise awareness and to show your support for landmine survivors by rolling up your pant leg or sleeve and to be a part of International Mine Awareness Day. Post your pictures on social media and please tag the Marshall Legacy Institute.


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