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Kyle Beckerman Inspires Peace Through Sport Participants

Kyle Beckerman, former American soccer midfielder, was the guest speaker for a virtual call during MLI's Peace Through Sport program. Peace Through Sport (PTS) is an eight-week program that connects youth from Lebanon and the United States as they learn U.S. values through the lens of sport. As the young people work through the curriculum, they participate in activities to learn about communication, respect for diversity, and civic engagement. Participants create projects to benefit their local communities during the eight-week session.

Kyle Beckerman talked about his career of 21 seasons in Major League Soccer and his role as Head Coach at Utah Valley University men's soccer team. He inspired the youth with his message about how nothing is a given, and that you have to work hard and sacrifice for what you really want. He expressed the importance of being a good teammate by being kind, caring, supportive, working hard, and learning from all players. Participants learned that if they take opportunities, work hard, put in the time and bring the team together even when others are not watching, they can be successful and make a meaningful impact in their lives and the lives of their families and communities. Kyle also talked about the importance of leading by example and how that can set the standard and expectations for the other members of the team.

Thank you to Kyle Beckerman for taking time to inspire the PTS youth, mentors, and staff through his presentation and responses to many questions from the participants. It was a great call for all!

Peace Through Sport is generously funded by the US Embassy in Lebanon.


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