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2019 K9 9K

MLI, Glenelg Country School, and dozens of supporters braved a very windy Saturday for the 9th annual K9 9K run/walk-athon to help Glenelg sponsor their eighth lifesaving mine detection dog! Since 2008, the CHAMPS community at Glenelg has sponsored seven MDDs who have saved thousands of lives in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Iraq. During the K9 9K, we were also visited by Troy and his explosive sniffing dog Molly who demonstrated an area sweep for explosives on the Glenelg campus. Molly found two explosives! (Placed by Troy prior to the demo).

Thank you to the parents, teachers, CHAMPS participants, and vendors who came out to support this great event! We are continuously inspired and so grateful for Glenelg's hard work and dedication to help make the world a safer place.

For photos, visit the 2019 K9 9K Photos gallery.


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