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Mine Detection Dog Partnership Program

MLI launched its first Mine Detection Dog Program in 1999 with the donation of 12 MDDs to Nicaragua. The funding for this program was generously provided by the U.S. Government. During the program, MLI also helped several Nicaraguan landmine survivors receive medical care in the United States. Prior to the launch of this program, there were only 150 working mine detection dogs in the world. By 2002, because of the proven success of mine detection dogs, this number had risen to 650 dogs, working to sniff out mines in 18 countries. This sharp increase in the use of dogs to locate mines represented a worldwide interest and acceptance of the use of mine detection dogs in humanitarian demining operations. Today, nearly 1,000 life-saving MDDs are working in mine-affected countries around the world.

Thanks to the work of MLI’s mine detection dogs and the work of brave deminers, in June 2010 Nicaragua declared itself safe from mines.

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