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~ Campaigns ~

The Marshall Legacy Institute is involved in numerous campaigns to continue to support the sponsorship and participation of groups and individuals in the movement towards a mine-free world.

Make a difference by participating in and working alongside caring, generous individuals. These campaigns sponsor dogs, provide survivor assistance, and generate financial support to create a better world where all can live, laugh,

and learn in safety.

Fundraising Campaigns

Support one of our numerous ongoing fundraising campaigns. Developed by students through our CHAMPS program, community groups, and caring individuals, these initiatives are in response to urgent calls to action and in-country needs.

These proceeds will go towards the betterment

of the world. Help support a campaign today,

or start your own! 

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Art Sale Masterpieces Donated by Azerbaijani Artist Abol Bahadori (Instagram Post (Square)
Rico’s Reach.png

Rico's Reach

The Rico's Reach campaign is specifically focused on raising student landmine awareness across the United States. It is named after MLI's own K9 Ambassador Rico, as he travels to reach as many children as possible.


Ultimately, Rico's goal is to raise enough money to sponsor a mine detection dog, MDD Champ, in honor of MLI's Children Against Mines Program (CHAMPS).

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