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Gi    ing Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a global movement to unleash the power of radical generosity. This year, the Marshall Legacy Institute is working to support landmine clearance in Azerbaijan and landmine survivors in Yemen. We ask you to keep our humanitarian cause in mind on November 30.

MLI thanks all donors who help Yemen and Azerbaijan be better and safer places for all to live, work and play without the fear of landmines.

Landmine Clearance 

Our Mine Detection Dogs work hard to "sniff" out landmines and save lives so that all men, women, children, and animals can live without the fear of mines.  

Decades of conflict left much of Azerbaijan littered with landmines. Massive contamination in western Azerbaijan poses enormous risks to those engaged in the rehabilitation and reconstruction process. Before landmines are removed, people cannot return to their homes, farm their land, and develop their communities. Between 2021 and 2023, MLI will provide a total of 30 to assist the Mine Action Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ANAMA) in its demining efforts. 


This is how far your contribution can go to help a Mine Detection Dog-in

training for Azerbaijan: a donation of $25 can cover upkeep costs of a dog's kennel while in training; $90 can provide food for an MDD in training for one month; $285 can provide training equipment and toys for an MDD; and $1,500 will cover training costs at the only facility that trains MDDs in the U.S. for one month.

No matter how much you can contribute, your support will help to provide the necessary training needed for a pup on his or her journey to becoming a Mine Detection Dog to help the people in Azerbaijan!

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Landmine Survivors

The destruction caused by landmines doesn't end when the bomb detonates.

Innocent civilians make up the majority of landmine accidents, to include many children whose curiosity leads them to venture, explore, and play in fields where landmines lay hidden. When a child is injured by a landmine, their emotional trauma is greater and prospects for a fulfilling future significantly bleaker. In Yemen, child mine survivors have little opportunity to receive adequate medical assistance, prosthetic limbs, or return to school. Adult mine victims experience overwhelming challenges too. They find themselves become dependent on others and unable to support themselves or their family members. 

The ongoing conflict in Yemen, now in its sixth year, has caused one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. In collaboration with the Yemeni Association for Landmine Survivors since 2009, MLI has helped 600 survivors reintegrate into society and improve their financial livelihoods. Deserving graduates of MLI’s vocational training courses receive competitive mini-grants to open and operate their own small businesses. Survivors have established successful businesses in which they make and sell handcrafts, textiles, honey, and carpentry products.

Your donation to a Yemen Survivor: $40 provides a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) device, which will alleviate pain for a survivor; $100 will provide a wheelchair or walking stick; $500 provides a silicone liner to a survivor, which offers high stability and comfort while wearing a prosthetic; $1,200 will help provide a below the knee prosthetic to a survivor in need which will help them walk independently.

Your kind gift can help a Yemeni landmine survivor regain dignity and hope for their future. 

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