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At the age of 10, Sonia suffered terrible injuries and lost her right leg when a suicide bomber exploded right next to her school — no children died, but a number of them were injured from the explosion. Sonia not only lost her leg that day, she also lost all hope for her future. Sonia’s family was unable to afford a prosthetic limb for her, she was forced to drop out of school and suffered alone in her home for three years until she was found by MLI’s CHAMPS manager in Afghanistan. American CHAMPS students held bake sales and walkathons to raise funds for Sonia, enabling her to received a prosthetic leg and other rehabilitative care. She also enrolled in MLI’s vocational training sewing courses and is now able to help provide for her family by selling the clothing items she makes.

Sonia -- needs prosthetic leg.JPG
Sonia sewing 2.JPG
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