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Alleviating suffering and promoting hope, growth, and stability in war-torn countries

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Thank you to the MLI donors and supporters for joining us to celebrate the

26th Anniversary Clearing the Path Gala!

Congratulations to our fantastic 2023 Gala honorees:

Goran Dizdarevic - Survivor of the Year Award

General Gordon R. Sullivan - Lifetime Achievement Award

John Gallina - Survivor's Assistance Award

Sajed Majeed and EDD Max-Marschall - Explosive Detection Dog Team of the Year.


Thank you to our wonderful Keynote Speaker DAS Rachel Schiller.


Our Mission

The Marshall Legacy Institute (MLI) was founded by General Gordon R. Sullivan in 1997 in effort to extend the vision & legacy of Nobel Peace Laureate George C. Marshall. MLI’s mission is to locate, secure, and apply skills and resources to alleviate suffering, restore hope, and create conditions that nurture stability in countries affected by conflict.

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MLI's humanitarian work would not be possible without the generous support of our donors. Since 1997, MLI has donated 282 mine detection dogs to sniff out landmines in war-town countries, supported over 1,800 landmine survivors with medical and vocational assistance, and provided mine risk education to around 163,600 people in mine impacted countries. It is thanks to charitable foundations, grants, the U.S. Government, and countless individual donors that MLI continues to follow our mission, alleviating suffering, restoring hope, and providing stability to war-torn countries year after year. 

Thank You!


Our Programs

MLI believes in targeted, effective programs that build sustainability, increase capacity of local organizations, and help communities help themselves. MLI programs are a collaborative effort between the people of the United States and the country involved – check out our Where We Work page to read more about country-specific projects.

What's Happening?

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2425 Wilson Blvd, Suite 240

Arlington, VA 22201


Phone: (703) 243-9200

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This site is owned and operated by The Marshall Legacy Institute (MLI). MLI holds the privacy of its users and donors in the utmost respect. We are committed to providing users with a safe, secure environment in which to provide personal information. MLI will use every reasonable effort to ensure that the information you provide remains private, and is used only for the purposes you request and in accordance with applicable laws.

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