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PMPS Students Get Ready to Turn Community Challenges into Opportunities!

The Peace Makers and Problem Solvers (PMPS) curriculum teaches students to see every issue as an opportunity for a solution! Through weekly team meetings, the PMPS teachers in Colombia and the U.S. facilitate fun and interactive leadership and team development activities for 30+ students. Learning about each other along the way, the young leaders build trust and understanding through sustained virtual communication and working together to implement personally meaningful community service-learning projects.

Meet the 2023 PMPS Students

Our PMPS Teacher, Vanessa Prieto, in La Provincia School (Carepa, Antioquia), was empowered by prior PMPS student leaders to engage this year's student cohort. She will mentor 8 middle-school students, our youngest PMPS group this year at the ages of 11-14 years old.

At this point in the process, the students are identifying the needs they see around them and gaining a better understanding of the causes behind each issue.

Since the start of PMPS in 2018, Ms. Snavely, a dedicated teacher at Poolesville Highschool, in Poolesville, Maryland, has continued to embrace the opportunity for her students to participate in the program.

This year, Ms. Snavely is engaging 10 new committed students from 15-19 years old. Using the PMPS curriculum, her students are identifying problems, brainstorming solutions, and coming up with projects to create positive change in their communities.

Carmen, Ana, and Jonier, three motivated Colombian teachers at the Diocesano Laura Montoya School in Chigorodo, Antioquia, Colombia are leading a group of 15 high-school students aged 14-17 years old.

These students are excited to meet and go through the PMPS curriculum each week. They engage in activities to gain the key skills and abilities required to effectively create a positive impact.

It is amazing to see how much can be accomplished when working together as a team! Despite their differences, with a shared goal, these students are enacting the positive impact our world needs today. With the belief that they can make a difference, the students are developing the skills and knowledge they need to effectively take an active role in leading meaningful change.

To implement their project ideas and create a broad impact, the students need your support. Join our campaign and help us complete our goal of raising the funds these students need to make a difference. Even the smallest action can create a major impact! Click here!


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