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Empowering Change: Young Leaders Transform their Communities, One Initiative at a Time

In the busy schools of Colombia and the United States, students come together through the Peace Makers and Problem Solvers Program (PMPS) to learn and brainstorm ways to make a positive impact. Through engagement, collaborative learning, and impactful initiatives, the PMPS leaders design community-specific service projects to nurture a brighter future for their communities.

At La Provincia School, in Colombia, the 'No More Bullying' project has become a symbol of change. This initiative carries a profound mission: to reduce bullying rates by 50-60%. Through a combination of insightful discussion meetings, engaging activities, and informative posters, the PMPS leaders are raising awareness for those impacted by bullying. This comprehensive strategy acts as a catalyst, fostering a positive and inclusive school environment where understanding and empathy can flourish. PMPS works to improve student relationships, boost self-esteem, and enhance decision-making skills, even in challenging circumstances. This initiative equips both the perpetrators and victims with invaluable resources for personal growth and mutual respect.

Meanwhile, the students at the US Partner School - Poolesville High School in Maryland, are actively driving positive change with four distinct projects aimed at a more eco-friendly and responsible future. Their initiatives include: 1. Bin Labeling and Arboretum Improvement projects, which seek to enhance natural spaces with benches and recycling facilities. 2. A Tree Planting project, an endeavor to beautify their school campus by laying the groundwork for a student-run tree nursery program. 3. A Storm Drain Labeling project to raise awareness about the school's role in promoting responsible citizenship for the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

The young PMPS leaders are not only completing tasks, they are actively working to promote change and encourage their fellow students to be more compassionate, responsible, and involved. Together, the PMPS students are working to benefit their communities and make a positive difference in the world, one initiative at a time.


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