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CHAMPS North Carolina

The Tarheel Campaign

Welcome to the first ever North Carolina campaign!

This is a collaborative effort of schools across the state of North Carolina. They already have decided on one thing….to name their very own mine sniffing dog Tarheel.

North Carolina Surry Early College in Dobson, NC was off and running doing their part to raise money for the on-going ‘Tar Heel Campaign’. Their “Penny Wars” fundraiser raised $1,300! The students, very excited to help out with this campaign, have several other events planned – to include a walk and concert that will be centered on CHAMPS in the near future!

Many schools from around the state are working to raise money to sponsor MDD Tar Heel!

Schools working so far are:

Brewster Middle School
Central Middle School
Community School of Davidson
Gatesville Middle School
Grandview Middle School
Johnson Street Global
Military Global & Leadership Academy
Northeast Middle School
Northern Elementary
Parkwood Middle School
Philo Magnet Academy
Ravenscroft School
Ridge Road Middle School
Shepard IB Middle School
Sun Valley High School
Surrey Early College High School
Waxhaw Elementary
Wingate Elementary

There is a monthly newsletter, Global Updates, reaching out to over 4,000 educators and interested individuals throughout the state. The World View team of North Carolina is hopeful that this resource will bring more interest to the campaign!

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