Mine Detection Dog Partnership Program

MLI has donated 36 life-saving dogs to Lebanon since 2001. In 2015, the latest six MDDs arrived in Beiruit to replace dogs that had recently been retired. Since 2001, the MDDs have searched well over one million square meters, the equivalent of more than 400 acres, of mine-affected land in Lebanon.

This year, MLI donated three more dogs to the Lebanon Mine Action Center (LMAC) and the Lebanese Armed Forces in order to further enhance the ongoing work in the region to return more land to the Lebanese people. Thank you to our private donors who have sponsored these three wonderful dogs, Astor, Roni, and Boa! 

Survivors' Assistance

In September 2011, MLI and the American Task Force for Lebanon (ATFL) traveled to Lebanon to assess the needs of landmine survivors throughout the country. MLI and the ATFL determined that a robust program was needed to support Lebanese non-profit organizations that provide medical and vocational assistance to mine and cluster munitions survivors. This project, funded by the U.S. Department of State and private donors, began in 2012 and continues today, having helped more than 400 mine survivors. Each year, between 75-100 Lebanese mine/UXO survivors in need of medical assistance are identified and their needs are assessed. Following the assessment, those with medical or prostheses needs are provided treatment and high-quality limbs, and those in need of employment or other vocational support receive extensive training in areas like carpentry, sewing, beekeeping, poultry raising, and more. Small income generating grants are provided to select survivors, which further improves their quality of life and provides them with more economic opportunities.

MLI is currently seeking to enhance support systems for the Survivors’ Assistance Program in cooperation with the LMAC and Landmine Resource Center at the University of Balamand. Please consider donating today to help us assist more Lebanese victims of landmine accidents!

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