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CHAMPS Florida

The Plantation Campaign

The MLI CHAMPS team visited South Plantation High School in South Plantation, Florida at the request of Mrs. Donna Rose. Mrs. Rose’s daughter, Emma, also attended the presentation given by Kimberly McCasland and MDD Utsi. Emma spent the whole day with the team asking questions, visiting with Utsi and taking pictures. Emma was very moved by the work that the CHAMPS team does to help landmine victims and helping demine around the world. She was so touched that she decided right then to start a campaign of her own.

The Plantation Campaign was born!

Emma was a student at Seminole Middle School in Plantation, Florida. Over Emma’s summer vacation, she recruited the support and help of a teacher, Jon Gurain, and her best friend, Emily McLaughlin. Together Emma and Emily have worked on fundraising ideas for their campaign.

Emma contacted the Principal of the local Elementary School and began to organize a K9 walk to kick off her campaign. Along with the walk, the girls are starting a quarter drive at their school, sold CHAMPS bracelets and had a “Teacher American Idol” where they will sell tickets at a chance to be a judge.

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