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10-year old Anita lost her right leg after stepping on a landmine while walking with her aunt and little cousin. Shortly after her injury, people in her village put all of their funds together to purchase a prosthetic leg for Anita. However, as Anita continued to grow, she soon became too tall for the prosthetic. Anita’s parents were only able to provide her with an inexpensive prosthetic, which Anita broke when she tripped and fell walking down the street. Heartbroken, the beautiful little girl lay on the street in tears unable to get up until someone came to help. Taping her prosthetic leg back together, Anita was forced to continue using the broken limb, as she had no other options.  As she continued to grow, her uneven gait became increasingly painful. CHAMPS learned about Anita and her need for a prosthetic leg and the Vermont Girl Scouts eagerly took on the project of helping Anita! Raising funds through bake sales and walkathons, the American children raised several thousand dollars for a good quality prosthetic leg for Anita, giving her new hope and a future. With her new limb and mobility, she was able to finish school and has now graduated from university and is working as a teacher in Croatia.

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CHAMPS Bosnia participants meet at last
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