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Admir lost his leg in a mine explosion several years ago as he was chopping firewood in the forest with his father. Unable to afford a prosthetic leg that fit him properly, Admir suffered immensely and could barely walk. Found by MLI’s CHAMPS managers in Bosnia, Admir recently received his new prosthetic leg, which was funded by schoolchildren in the U.S., and was finally able to walk down the aisle to marry his high school sweetheart, Aida, and dance with her during their wedding. He is incredibly grateful to all of the CHAMPS students for helping his dream come true!

Admir with wife Aida.jpg

Admir with his wife Aida

Admir with CHAMPS youth and kimberly.png

Admir with CHAMPS youth and CHAMPS Vice President Kimberly

Admir reading letters from CHAMPS youth

Admir reading letters of support from CHAMPS youth

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