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US Ambassador to Bosnia-Herzegovina Joins CHAMPS Call

Fifth grade students from North Mianus School in Connecticut met with students from Mak Dizdar and the Catholic School Center in Bosnia & Herzegovina for a CHAMPS virtual exchange call on December 5th.

US Ambassador Michael J. Murphy joined the students in BiH for the exchange, and at the end of the call he told the students, "You are all really part of the solution!" and "This has been fantastic! I'm proud of what I saw here today!"

During the call, students from BiH shared a video and sang a song before presenting three short skits to demonstrate important safety lessons as part of their mine risk education.

  1. Never get off the clear and safe path.

  2. If you find yourself in a mine field, do not move, call for help, and call the police.

  3. Never touch anything that is not yours or things in high grass

Guests and participants then heard from a survivor named Goran. Goran lost his leg in a mine accident when he was just 13 years old. He has received support and prothesis through MLI CHAMPS students over the years and is very grateful.

MDD Rico made an appearance during the call, as he is a CHAMPS sponsored dog who served in BiH for six years saving countless lives. Rico was sponsored by a school in Connecticut and now serves as the K9 Ambassador for MLI.


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