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Round 6 of Peace Through Sport Call Ends on a High Note!

Peace Through Sport is a program designed to connect young people from Lebanon and The United States through virtual exchange. During the eight-week-long session, more than 80 youth participated in activities, heard from two sports-related guest speakers (Karmo Bolay and Patrick Doak), created and implemented social impact projects, and heard an inspirational message from Drew Dudley of Everyday Leadership.

Drew Dudley referred to the young people as Champions of Peace after hearing their presentations about the projects they implemented. The students shared their projects which included:

  • Support of road safety in Kherbet Rouha, Lebanon by installing road mirrors, painting road signs, and supporting speed reduction

  • Donation of pet food, leashes, toys, and other necessities to an animal shelter in Baltimore, Maryland

  • Awareness and support of LGBTQAI+ for students in Baltimore, Maryland

  • Book bank to provide free access to books for people in Columbia, Maryland

  • Campus clean-up to support a safe and clean environment for a school in Poolesville, MD

Following the presentations, Drew Dudley addressed the group. His message was inspirational and motivational for all participants. Drew told the young people to surround themselves with smart people who would challenge them. He talked about leadership and that somebody is always watching how you accomplish your goals. "How you behave is what people will remember." When others see people doing something good, they will join in. Drew's final remarks encouraged the young people to continue to play or fight for what they believe in no matter what others say or do. They are the ripple that starts a wave of positive motion moving forward. The message of being impactful versus being impressive is what really matters. We all left the call understanding that when you do things to impress others we are losing focus from doing things that impact others.

Congratulations to the participants of the 6th round of Peace Through Sport, our CHAMPIONS OF PEACE!

Peace Through Sport is generously funded by the U.S. Embassy in Beirut.


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